Muscle Maintenance Massage | What to Expect
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What to Expect

What to expect before, during and after Massage.

Before the Massage

Before the massage, some discussion will take place between client and therapist in order to ascertain what treatment will best suit the client’s needs. There is some paperwork to complete to highlight any medical history that may influence the method of massage. The therapist will then explain to the client, what modalities are recommended to achieve the best result for the client.

During the Massage

The therapist will guide the client to the massage room, explaining the position in which they would like the client to set themselve on the massage table. The therapist will then leave the room in order for the client to undress and get into position.

Generally it is normal for the client to remove their clothing to a stage of briefs only. This will enable the therapist to massage the skin of the client without interruption to the client. (If the client is uncomfortable removing their clothing to this stage of undress, the therapist can of course, work around the client’s wishes.) The therapist will then reenter the room and begin the massage.

After the Massage

The therapist will advise the client that the massage has finished and to slowly get themselves dressed after the therapist has left the room. It is recommended to sit up from the massage table very slowly as there may be a feeling of light headedness from being in a state of deep relaxation for the period of the massage. Take time to dress and have a drink of the water provided. The following points will assist in the massage recovery:

  • Drink plenty of water in the few hours after a massage to flush the toxins from the body that have been released as part of the massage process.
  • Make sure that before you drive your vehicle after a massage that you have complete control of your  bearings and are not still feeling in a deeply relaxed state.
  • You may feel sore for a few days after a massage. This is normal as the muscles have been worked for you throughout the massage. Light stretching and use, as well as heat packs will assist in reducing this discomfort.
  • To achieve the best results from the massage, avoid heavy weights and strenuous workouts for 24 hours after a massage. Light exercise is okay, but heavy exercise will tighten the relaxed muscles, therefore reducing the benefits from the massage.

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Massage Therapy has been used for thousands of years for many various purposes. It involves the use of touch to manipulate the soft tissues of the body, in order to maximise muscle efficiency, decrease tension and increase energy flow.